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We offer no money down systems !

Why Solar?


California is one of the best places in the United-States to install solar panels. Why you ask? A combination of high average sun exposure, expensive utility rates, the available solar tax credit  and the state’s net metering law means homeowners can get an excellent return by installing solar panels on their homes. 

Adding solar energy doesn't increase your property taxes! 


California law (CA RTC, Section73).

Increased home value at no extra cost!



Count on over 25 years of experience in solar power


When you choose Nor Cal Solar Construction as your partner for dependable solar energy, you get the benefits which come with a quarter century in the solar power business. 

We are not a start-up chasing a trend, we are a locally owned and operated company that's always been committed to customized solar energy solutions for homes and businesses. And, unlike other solar companies we  renovate and install all types of roofs.

We proudly serve Sonoma, Marin & Napa Counties.


Sonoma, Napa & Marin County Residents


Take Advantage of The Energy Independence Program (SCEIP)

Finance your installation

No Out-of-Pocket Cost

No Credit Check or Income Verification

We take care of all the



Your Nor Cal Solar system will use proven technologies to convert sunlight into electricity. It's that easy!

Your residential or commercial PV solar system will tie in with the existing grid system, so you always have a dependable source of power. When your system produces a surplus, the extra energy goes into the grid. You may even see your meter spinning backwards.

Your PV solar system can be either tied to the grid or it can be a battery backup storage system.You Will see your meter run backwards as you bank up the electric credits, this is called Net Energy Metering.

Battery Backup Systems


A battery back up system can automatically turn on to give your house or business battery power in the event of a blackout or power outage. That being said, many use a battery system to take advantage of cheaper time of use rates.

We have new cutting edge systems that can power your entire house. 



Serving Sonoma, Marin & Napa Counties


Please call: 707-486-9799 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

1824 Wagner Ln.,

Petaluma, CA 94954

Phone: (707) 762-8075




Sonoma County: 707-486-9799

Marin County: 415-383-5473   

Napa County: 707-254-8080 


To apply for a job with Norcal Solar Construction, please send your C.V. to:

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